Undergraduate Level

GEN 4200, 4200H Fundamentals of Genetics II (3 credits) latest 4200 syllabus

Second in a two semester series designed for genetics majors, covering molecular genetics, gene expression, recombinant DNA technology, and genomics. Selected topics from bioinformatics, developmental genetics, cancer genetics, human genetics and behavioral genetics are also discussed.

Emphasis is on the molecular basis of heredity and gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes and modern genetic technology. Ethical issues in modern genetics are also briefly addressed.

Honors section meets additionally outside regular class time.

Prerequisites: GEN 3020 and BIOCH 3010 (or concurrent)

GEN4210 Laboratory for GEN4200 (2 credits) latest 4210 syllabus

Requires successful completion or concurrent enrollment in GEN4200.


Graduate level

GEN/BCHM 8050 Issues in Research (3 credits) latest 8050 syllabus
    "Graduate Survival Skills"

A professional development course for graduate students in the molecular sciences.

There are skills beyond success in laboratory and coursework that make a successful scientist, skills that students are usually expected to "pick up on their own." This course provides formal training in some of those skills. Students who complete this course will gain competence in some of the "other skills" a career in science requires, including writing papers and proposals, giving oral presentations, and critiquing the work of themselves and others. They will also be exposed to legal and ethical issues they may encounter in their research careers, such as IRB compliance, data handling issues, and authorship disputes. Topics not formally addressed elsewhere in the curriculum, such as job hunting, time management and creativity will also be covered. Students who complete the course will have numerous outside resources addressing these topics that they can consult throughout their careers and receive Clemson University credit for 6 hours of face to face training in Responsible Conduct of Research.

Prerequisites: enrollment in a graduate program in the molecular sciences